Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall Fun For Everyone Directions for Mommy and Me

I promised directions for the fall fun projects I posted. Here they are!!!

Sour cream candy treat holder:

1. Cut out the color cardstock you would like--size: 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 or 4 1/2 (If you are planning on making more than one random stamp the whole paper first then cut!)

2. Random stamp the theme you are making the sour cream container for-- in my case halloween!

Remember when random stamping start with the biggest stamp first and work your way down to the smallest. This way you can fit the smallest stamp in the smallest areas.

3. Put the red tape down as show here...

4. Then peel off the "cover" for the tape that takes up the whole space...which would be on the left side in the above picture. Once done put the paper into a tube shape as shown below (sorry about the really blurry picture)

5.Then peel off the "cover" for the tape for one of the sides. Squeeze it together. Then stuff the treat inside.

6. Finally peel off the "cover" for the tape on the other side. Squeeze it the opposite direction that you did the top side of the container. You are done!! :)

Paper Strip Pumpkin:

1. Cut 7-8 1 in. strips. It can be any number whatever you prefer...I did 1 1/2 in. strips for my mommy and me class but I really think the 1 in. works better..but I think it depends on your preference!

2. Sponge some cocoa on all the strips to give it the pumpkiny look.

3. Lay all the strips out to make it into a star shape. Staples the strips together. I staples a couple times to make sure they were all stapled together. Optional: To give it the jack o'lantern look stamp the different images from spooky smiles.

4. Bring the strips up to form an oval shape and staples all strips together. I found that piecing opposite end stips and stapling them one at a time works.

5. Take some cocoa paper and put together with glue or double sided tape to make a
tube shape. Cut into the tube to get some strips to be able to glue the stem onto the pumpkin. See picture below.

6. Cut less than 1/2 inch strip of green paper and curl it using a pencil to get the vine feel. To make a leaf I used the Autumn Splendor stamp set to stamp an image of the leaf of green paper. Optional: You can crumpled the leaf up to make it look more real.

7. Glue the stem, vine and leaf onto the pumpkin. I ended up using the hot glue gun as what I was using wasn't working! Trim anything that didn't fit.

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